Focused on the
best outcomes


MirrorMe takes you from pre-op, to post-op:

Comprehensive Patient
Profiles for Surgical Outcomes
Custom 3D Planning,
Products & Services
Referral Connections and
Surgical Care Coordination
Granular Security Controls for
Unique Data Assets

Empowering surgeons

Stronger data for research and
smarter data for patient-centered care

Better insight on real patient outcomes

  • Connect for Efficiency

    High performance requires a workflow for surgery that connects surgeons with patients and data

  • Medical Imaging Software

    Meaningful patient monitoring and more intuitive planning and assessment tools

  • Surgery Analysis

    Connect the dots faster to make advancements in care, increase efficiency, and serve more patients


Does your remote monitoring tool include surgical outcome data?

Remote monitoring strategies are important for delivering excellent care without a high price tag. Read more about MirrorMe's features for proactive oversight of patients once they go home.

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