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Your most Convenient Patient Record

MirrorMe does the work for you by keeping everything you need for patient evaluations in one application. Review any 3D data sets simultaneously and compare all patient data over time.

Connect faster with referrals

Whether you are meeting a new patient or sending one to another physician, share data directly and securely with the click of a button.

request on-demand updates

Enrich your research data with more check points and better data by comparing 3D data sets over time. Request patient updates from home saving time without sacrificing data.

Designed for Surgeons

MirrorMe alleviates organizational burnout, chaotic email threads, and imaging inefficiencies, allowing high performance teams to maintain excellence in care.

The MirrorMe Patient Dashboard shows your patient upcoming case information, such as date and time, as well as recently uploaded 3D imaging or photos.

a comprehensive platform that
saves time & money

MirrorMe is the only platform ready to display DICOM imaging, 3D scans, and photos.

Organized by patient and procedures, our powerful search function makes it easy to find exactly what you need.

MirrorMe makes collaborating on cases with other surgeons and specialties simple by seamless sharing the case data and managing conversations within the app.

Convenient Referral
Management & collaboration

For treatment plans requiring a panel of surgeons,  MirrorMe enables fast and secure sharing of data among your team with secure chat features and notifications.

All-in-one software for insight into surgical outcomes:

Learn more about how MirrorMe can unify your planning process for preoperative studies while making remote monitoring more effective for postoperative patients.

Secure viewing

Encrypted backend and secure frontend delivery ensures that only those who are authorized have access to protected information

Granular Controls

Control who can see each file or imaging set whether sharing with another physician or a patient

Turn Key Solution

Have data to transfer? We have a utility available for enterprise implementations.

Intuitive Interface

MirrorMe is designed for convenience. The platform streamlines planning with notes, data and custom tools available for each patient and case.

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Case coordination and planning with MirrorMe:

Convenient analysis

Select the patient, select the imaging, then let MirrorMe do the work.

Free patient app

Enabling patient access to meet current regulatory requirements is important and MirrorMe has a native solution for ensuring patient data is in the right hands.

Expand your reach

Use tools that customized to your surgical plan. From rhinoplasty to phalloplasty, createtemplates and guides for patient-specific decisions in the operating room.

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