Focused on outcomes

From consults to the operating room, and from the operating room to home, MirrorMe connects data to decisions and patients to physicians.

MirrorMe takes you from pre-op, to post-op:

For Surgeons

Focusing on outcomes to elevate care

If your 3D tools only help with marketing or planning, you are missing the true power of 3D imaging and analysis.

Automated analysis saves time without losing insight on all phases of surgery and recovery.

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Your medical data belongs in your hands.

Empower yourself and see changes to your face and body, in 3D.

View any imaging, including CT and MRI data
Share with doctors anywhere
Never lose track of your progress
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Patient Scanning


Better insight on real patient outcomes

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  • Connect for Efficiency

    From patient intake to recovery, high performance requires a workflow for surgery that connects patients, surgeons and data

  • Medical Imaging Software

    Empower your team with meaningful patient monitoring and more intuitive planning tools

  • Surgery Analysis

    Connect the dots faster to make advancements in care, increase efficiency, and serve more patients

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Make remote monitoring more powerful

Remote monitoring strategies are important for delivering excellent care without a high price tag. Read more about MirrorMe's features for proactive oversight of patients once they go home.

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