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MirrorMe displays DICOM imaging, 3D scans, and patient photos all in one place, while also allowing you to connect with patients and share data with your team. This doesn't just save time; it also saves your practice some serious cash—especially compared to what you'd spend with the other guys.

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  • All photos (whether taken from your phone or camera)
  • All 3D Imaging (CT/CBCT, MRI, surface scanning)
  • Secure Referral Management
  • 3D Scanning
  • 3D Visualization & Analysis tools
  • Direct Connections to Patients
  • Private Spaces for Notes & Annotation
  • Unlimited Collaboration for Research
  • 3D Visualization & Analysis tools

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Photo Management Software
Add Average cost: $119/mo
Messaging Software
Add Average cost: $149/mo
Secure Storage and File Transfer Software
Add Average cost: $175/mo
3D Camera or Scanner
Add Average cost: $799/mo
3D Modeling Software
Add Average cost: $399/mo
Direct Connections to Patients
Not Available
Private Spaces for Notes & Annotation
Not Available
Unlimited Collaboration for Research
Not Available
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Can MirrorMe be a source of revenue?

Many states include reimbursement codes for Telehealth, remote monitoring, store-and-forward, and more.

Find out which codes you may be eligible for when switching to MirrorMe.

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